Pitch Bookings

To Make a Pitch Booking Contact:  Mary Roche at killgaa@gmail.com or 087 2422100
Pitch Booking Policy/Procedure
There are three pitches:  Top Pitch, Middle Pitch (with lights) and Juvenile Pitch.
The Calendar for each pitch will revert to zero at the beginning of each new year.
Bookings for matches will take precedence over training bookings.
Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis -  if there are unfortunate clashes the respective Coaches should resolve the matter.
Where match clashes occur it is the responsibility of the Co Board or the Mentors to resolve the matter.   
To Make a Booking Contact:  Mary Roche at killgaa@gmail.com or 087 2422100
To view Pitch Bookings/Availability:  Click on the link for the relevant pitch below or view all three on the link for the Kill Gaa Web Site.  
As they are on line they can be viewed at any time (they can be viewed as Week, Month or as an Agenda:

Top Pitch
The Pitch Booking Administrator will endeavour to confirm that all bookings/changes have taken place.
All new bookings should be checked by the Booker to ensure that all is in order.